Fountain of Youth

I cross milky-smooth plains under twin moons,
Soft and welcoming

They beckon to me

My tongue dances and dives, dips and swirls,
Thirsty and wanting

She sates me

I feel roses wrap around me, tender and strong,
Pulling me down

They guide me…

They guide me to a place I wanted without thought
A place I needed without hunger
A place I knew, without knowing

I drink, sweet and deep,
These waters I have always known,
This nectar I have only just found

Alexander’s River, De Leon’s Fount,
From which I have lapped, always,
Thirsty for you, without understanding

This is life
This is youth
This is Heaven

In these little deaths, there is eternity, holding the daemons at bay

Fountain of Youth

We are young,
Wandering the face of the Earth,
Wondering what our dreams might be worth,
Learning that we’re only immortal
For a limited time


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  1. Animus Occulus says:

    Wonderful! I love it. ????

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